Math Test

The following are review questions to look at for the Math Test. They are not homework but will help you with the format of the questions on the test. I have also listed the IXL lessons that we looked at.

Math Review:
pg. 188-189 #16-18
pg. 195 #15
pg 198-199 #10,13,14,15
pg 215 #11,16
pg 202-203 #9-12
Pg 208 #7,12
Pg 210-211 #17,19,21
Pg 219 #9,10
Pg 221 # 2,3 5-8


Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the amazing gifts that I received this year. It was very generous of all of you.

I hope everyone has an awesome holiday break with your family this year. See you all back at school in the New Year.

Math Test - Variables and Expressions

We will be having our last Math Test of 2019 on Monday, December 16th. The following lessons were covered:

  • Exploring Patterns and Relationships
  • Writing Pattern Rules with Variables
  • Creating and Evaluation Algebraic Expressions

Math Review

pg. 297-298 #1-9
pg 299 #1-9

IXL U7, U8, V3

2D Measurement Test

Our Math Test will take place on Friday, November 22nd.

The following sections were covered in this unit:

  • Area/Perimeter of Rectangle
  • Area/Perimeter of a Triangle
  • Area/Perimeter of a Trapezoid
  • Area/ Perimeter of Complex Shapes
  • Communicating about Measurement

We will be have class time at the end of the week to work on some review questions. Here are some of the questions that will be assigned as well as additional questions for you to review.

Chapter Self Test: pg 179#1-6
Chapter Review: pg 181 #1-6

IXL: AA1, AA2, AA3, AA4

Week of November 18th

Thank you to all of you for coming in and meeting with me this week and helping keep me on schedule with the knocks on the door. I look forward to meeting with you again later this year to talk about the progress your child will continue to make.

This is a reminder to all students that sign up for your interviews will be on Monday morning. Be sure to select your 3 goals and have a plan in place for how you will achieve these goals in the coming weeks.

In the classroom, we had our Home Cookin' presentations which showcased some very impressive meals. There are quite a few Chef's in the making in our class. Thank you to everyone who brought in samples for the 'Chopped' part of the assignment.

In Language, we began our unit on Current Events. We will be continuing with this unit over the next couple of weeks. Students please ensure that you have signed up to Newsela by following the link on Google Classroom.

In Math, we continued with our Measurement unit. Students were informed about that we will have our unit test next Friday.  There will be a post on what will be on the test and study questions.



  • Current Events
  • Summarizing News Articles
  • Looking at different media platforms


  • 2D Measurement
  • Calculation Area of Complex Shapes
  • Communicating about Measurement


If there are any parents who are still interested in an interview but are unable to sign up because the site is locked please send me an email and I will set up a time. Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Week of November 11th

Hopefully everyone stays warm this weekend as it looks like the cold weather is here to stay.

This week in grade 7 we wrapped up our Fractions unit and students wrote their test on Tuesday. Some students were absent so everyone will be getting them back on Monday.  In Language, everyone should be done writing their essay. Today we completed the editing stage as the essays are to be submitted on Monday morning. The Giver test was given back and is to be signed and returned.

Next week:

November 11th
- Remembrance Day assembly is on Monday. All parents are invited to the assembly which be taking place in the gym at 10:45 am

- Giver Essay due Monday, November 11th
- we will be starting our Current Events unit

- 2D Geometry
-Area/Perimeter of a Parallelogram
-Area/Perimeter of a Rectangle
-Area/Permieter of a Triangle